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Telegram has published an XXL update on time for the start of the year. From now on, users are available functions that will never exist with WhatsApp.

Dortmund — With around 60 million users, WhatsApp is still the most popular and most used Messenger service in Germany. But competitor Telegram is constantly picking up and continuously expands its range from about two million users — including promising updates.

WhatsApp: Competitor Telegram with new features for catching up

Just in time for the start of the year, Telegram has published an XXL update that holds five new features for users. XXL update has summarized the details and explains what users can look forward to telegramming now.

Among other things, a translation and spoiler function, more interactive emojis and the ability to respond to messages available. In particular, with the Anit-Spolier feature, Telegram has published an update that this is probably never planned at WhatsApp. But how exactly does that work?

Telegram receives new function — that should never be at WhatsApp

The spoiler function at Telegram is likely to look forward to film and serial fans. Because this gives users the opportunity to hide a text. Only by clicking on the text this will then be visible — before it is hidden behind a veil or a white bar. Telegram users can therefore decide with this function themselves whether they want to read a message or not.

Active rt is the spoiler function via the formatting menu. For this you have to mark the appropriate text that is to be hidden in a first step. Various formatting aids are available via the three points in the open menu: In addition to italics, mono or spread now also spoiler. By enabling the SPOILER function, the text is displayed illegally (more digital news at XXL update).

According to Gig.DE, the spoiler function remains a unique selling point of telegram. As the portal indicates, a similar update at WhatsApp is probably not planned. However, it looks different with the function that allows Telegram users to react to messages.

Lane for WhatsApp Users: Telegram releases five new features

Because While WhatsApp rumors has long been working to make reactions possible, telegram users will get the function provided with the latest update. Thanks to the reaction feature, feelings or feedback can now be expressed without having to write a message extra.

How To Send Telegram Spoiler Message The statement I fly tomorrow on vacation can easily be commented with a thumbs up, a thumbs down or a heart. Users know a similar function possibly already from Instagram. The social network has long been able to react with Emojis for example on stories.

Telegram now allows reactions to news — WhatsApp user looks in the tube

In which you tap twice to a message, send a quick reaction — for example, the thumbs up. Who types only once on the message can choose between several EMOJI reactions. But beware — that only applies to Android users. Owners of an iPhone must keep the message pressed.

Anyone who is not satisfied with the selection of the Emojis can customize them. For this you have to call up the settings at Telegram. Chat settings are the option Fast reactions, where you can adapt the standard reactions. With iPhones, the setting option can be found under the Sticker and Emoji tab.

As Telegram indicates, the reactions in private chats are always active. In group chats holders or admins need to be more active. You can also specify which standard reactions are available to the other members. While WhatsApp is still behind with the reaction function, another practical update is in the starting blocks. For example, Admins can now delete unwanted messages from other users in Group chats at WhatsApp.

WhatsApp competitor Telegram offers users new update: translations, QR codes and emojis

Telegram was the first messenger app that has provided its users interactive Emojis. While WhatsApp has announced new Emojis for 2022, Telegram has already expanded its pallet with the animated smileys for the start of the year. And that's not all that users will be provided with the new XXL update now. These functions are also available:

Whether WhatsApp pays with one or the other update and soon provides your users with similar functions or whether the messenger service wants to keep his fans with other features, remains to be seen. But if you look at the XXL update at Telegram, one thing becomes clear: The competition of WhatsApp does not sleep. XXL update is part of the editorial network from fair Category List image: © Krill Kudryavtsev / AFP, Screenshot Telegram, Collage: XXL update


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